Tell Bank of America: Not a penny more for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

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Your letter will be delivered to Brian Moynihan, CEO, Bank of America:

Dear Mr. Moynihan,

Please refrain from any further financing of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. As lead arranger and bookrunner for a loan to Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC, and especially as a multinational corporation that calls North Carolina home, Bank of America has a special responsibility to drop its support for this reckless project.

The devastation this pipeline would wreak on diverse communities, cultures, and ecosystems is untenable. In the face of diminishing demand, the decreasing cost of renewable energy, and the impact of methane gas on climate change, the need for a new gas pipeline is unjustifiable.

I urge Bank of America to publicly commit not to invest a single cent more in this economically and environmentally irresponsible project.

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    The Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is a disastrous fracked gas mega-pipeline set to cut through West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. The project would devastate communities, cultures, and ecosystems along its route – and wreck the climate.

    Despite intense community opposition, significant project timeline delays, soaring costs, and several different legal efforts to block the pipeline, the fossil fuel industry is still trying to force this project forward – propelled by financing from Wall Street giant Bank of America.

    As Bank of America shareholders come together for the bank’s annual general meeting in North Carolina, we’ll be delivering tens of thousands of petition signatures to the bank’s leadership. This is our best chance to showcase the immense public outrage and opposition to this devastating project.

    If completed, the ACP would be 600 miles long and carry enough fracked gas to generate over 67 million metric tons of climate pollution per year. That’s the equivalent of 20 average U.S. coal plants! The pipeline would also require 38 miles of mountaintop removal and damage broad swaths of farm and forest land, threatening livelihoods and health.

    Help stop the ACP in its tracks! Tell Bank of America – no more money for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.