Don’t Let the IEA Sabotage Climate Action: #FixTheWEO

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Dear IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol & IEA Governing Board Members:

All IEA member governments have signed the Paris Agreement which strives to limit warming to 1.5˚C. Yet the IEA’s ‘authoritative’ World Energy Outlook, used as a guidepost for energy decisions all over the world, does not present a pathway to achieving this goal. By focusing on business-as-usual and omitting a robust pathway to 1.5˚C, the IEA is providing cover for dangerous investment in fossil fuels and steering the world towards climate breakdown.

The IEA must stop squandering its influence and sabotaging climate action. 

The IEA needs to develop an energy scenario that shows the world how we can limit warming to 1.5˚C and to put it front and center in the World Energy Outlook. Making excuses for more fossil fuels like gas, or punting the costs and risks of reducing pollution to our kids doesn’t cut it. We do not have time to waste. Organizations like the IEA must lead or get out of the way.

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    Last month, the IEA released its annual flagship World Energy Outlook, a report that guides billions of investment dollars and countless political energy decisions.

    But here’s the problem: Analysis done by the IEA is used by politicians and fossil fuel companies to justify massive new oil and gas projects that will only make the climate crisis worse. In short, the IEA is providing cover for the fossil fuel industry as it seeks to trash the planet.

    Previous versions of the report have been dangerously out of step with what the science says is necessary to address climate change, which is why we’re working hard to make sure future versions are better.

    Add your name to call on the IEA’s Executive Director, Fatih Birol, to align the IEA’s reports with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

    The WEO is cited by nearly every major oil company when they need to prove to their investors, governments or the public that the world needs more fossil fuels. But that’s simply not true. In the midst of this ongoing climate emergency, more fossil fuels are the LAST thing the world needs. 

    We need the IEA to create a 1.5˚C scenario and place it front and center in the next WEO. After all, that’s the aim of the Paris Climate Agreement, which the governments overseeing the IEA have all signed.