Stop Trump from dismantling the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

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I’m opposed to any rollbacks that weaken NEPA, including these proposed changes. This proposal would endanger the public by allowing more pollution with no accounting for cumulative impacts or consideration of the vast majority of impacts to climate change. With the dangers of the climate crisis and threats to air and water quality, we need to be extremely careful about what the impacts of any proposed project would be. Environmental reviews should be fair, deliberate, and thorough, taking into account concerns by communities and families who may be affected by the impacts of federal projects. The public — particularly communities most impacted by pollution and the climate crisis — must be allowed a meaningful opportunity to provide input.

Furthermore, polluters should not be allowed to pick their own contractors to do environmental assessments. These assessments should be done by federal agencies or third-party contractors without any relationship with the project owners, to prevent any potential conflict of interest.

I strongly oppose CEQ’s proposed changes to the rules, as well as any other changes to NEPA’s implementing procedures that would in any way restrict public input, limit consideration of project alternatives, or narrow or eliminate federal agencies’ obligations to consider a project’s climate impacts. Agencies must be required to consider direct, indirect, and cumulative effects.

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    In January, the Trump administration revealed its plans to dismantle the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), a 40-year-old environmental framework that regulates environmental reviews of federal projects. Under Trump’s proposed changes, the climate impacts of fossil fuel projects would no longer be considered.

    But these changes aren’t final — we’ve still got a chance to stop them if we push back loudly and clearly. Add your name today to submit a public comment and speak out against the Trump administration’s dirty, deadly attempt to weaken our environmental laws.

    The more public comments we submit opposing this deadly proposal, the more likely we are to delay it into next year or beyond. Our next president needs a crystal clear signal from us that it’s a top priority to not only stop Trump’s deadly deregulation, but greatly strengthen NEPA’s climate and environmental review processes to stop the buildout of fossil fuel infrastructure and kickstart a real just transition away from fossil fuels.

    Submit your public comment today and stand with frontline communities to stop Trump from gutting the National Environmental Policy Act, one of our bedrock environmental laws.