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Trump keeps floating new ideas to bail out fossil fuel billionaires with public money, while vulnerable communities and workers still lack essential protections.

The ReWIND Act is a new bill to stop a public bailout of corporate polluters, in a time when it’s critical to prioritize frontline workers and those most impacted by COVID-19.

The ReWIND Act would stop the fossil fuel industry from getting bailed out with stimulus money, stop Trump from expanding the Strategic Petroleum Reserve or waiving royalty rates, stop Wall Street banks from bailing out distressed oil and gas companies, stop new fossil fuel leasing and deregulation during the pandemic, and more.

I urge you to join the ReWIND Act as a cosponsor to stand with working people, not big polluters, and to push for its inclusion in the next COVID-19 stimulus package.

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    Congress is already negotiating on the next COVID-19 stimulus package, and Big Oil has made its wish list clear. Fossil fuel companies are lobbying hard to get a direct bailout of public money β€” but with your help, we can stop this dirty bailout and protect working people, not big polluters.

    The Trump Administration keeps floating new ideas to transfer vast amounts of public dollars to the fossil fuel industry, while vulnerable communities and workers still lack essential protections. Trump has tried offering special loans for fossil fuel companies, stopping enforcement of key environmental laws, waiving oil and gas royalty payments, and much more. Recently, the Federal Reserve caved to pressure from Trump and the fossil fuel industry, relaxing its guidelines to allow more financially unstable fossil fuel companies to qualify for aid.

    We're pushing back with a new bill called the ReWIND Act. Sponsored by nearly 40 members of Congress, it would block the Trump Administration from using COVID-19 stimulus funds to bail out big polluters, stop many of the schemes Trump has taken or may attempt to benefit the fossil fuel industry, and ensure that the public has a say to protect our health and wellbeing.

    Passing the ReWIND Act as part of the next stimulus package would block the fossil fuel industry's attempts to exploit a public health crisis for private gain and help direct COVID-19 relief funds go to the frontline workers and communities that need them. To make that happen, we need your help β€” urge your member of Congress to cosponsor the ReWIND Act and push for its inclusion in the next stimulus bill!