Tell US Bank: Out of Oil and Gas

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Please follow through on your promise to suspend financing of oil and gas pipelines by suspending all financing activities with ETP and its affiliated companies.

Please also follow the lead of the World Bank and other leading financial institutions that recognize the climate imperative to suspend all financing activities in the oil and gas sector
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    US Bank has repeatedly broken its promise to stop lending to oil and gas pipeline companies. A new report reveals that since making this promise last year, US Bank has raised a staggering TWO BILLION dollars in financing for oil and gas pipeline companies.

    Now, as the Bank prepares for its Annual General Meeting in Albuquerque — we’re making sure the world knows that US Bank can’t be trusted. Sign the petition, and we’ll have pipeline fighters challenging Energy Transfer Partners’ projects deliver it to bank executives during US Bank’s annual meeting on April 17

    Last April, US Bank CEO Andrew Cecere won praise from Indigenous and climate advocates when he promised shareholders that US Bank would stop lending to oil and gas pipelines. Then, in the closing weeks of 2017, US Bank quietly signed onto a $5 billion credit facility (think of it like a credit card) with ETP.

    Unlike US Bank, leading financial institutions are withdrawing from the oil and gas industry. ING and DNB banks have both upheld their commitments to cut ties with ETP. Last Fall, BNP Paribas, France’s largest listed bank, announced that it would no longer work with oil and gas companies that primarily do business in shale or tar sands. Then in December, the World Bank announced that it would end all financing to oil and gas extraction by 2019.

    On April 17, US Bank will be in the spotlight as they face their shareholders in Albuquerque. We’re working with pipeline fighters from across the nation and local organizers in New Mexico to make sure the bank can’t get through the meeting without confronting its decision to bankroll the bulldozers behind Dakota Access and ETP’s other climate-destroying projects.

    Sign the petition that we’ll deliver to US Bank during their Annual General Meeting.