Condemn Climate Censorship in Wisconsin

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Publicly condemn the measure banning “climate change,” recently passed by the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, and demand that the three board members of the Commissioners of Public Lands reverse the ban immediately.

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    First came Florida. Now, unbelievably, climate censorship has spread. This time it's happening in Wisconsin, posing real threats to the state’s public lands and showing a deeply troubling trend among conservative state governments to establish climate denial as de facto policy.

    The national media is already asking how Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will respond to the ban, issued by the state’s Board of Commissioners of Public Lands. Gov. Walker is expected to announce his bid for the Republican nomination soon — and with public opinion on climate change shifting fast, climate is an issue he wants to avoid at all costs.

    Sign on to demand that Governor Walker oppose climate censorship in Wisconsin — and we’ll hand-deliver the petition to his office next week.