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I urge you to co-sponsor the End Polluter Welfare Act (EPWA). For decades, Congress has authorized billions in fossil fuel subsidies to keep the industry afloat. Fossil fuel companies have racked up dangerous levels of debt while exploiting workers and polluting our communities.

We should no longer subsidize the fossil fuel industry’s exploitation of workers, communities, and our environment. The EPWA would close dozens of tax loopholes and subsidies benefiting the fossil fuel industry and special interests in the U.S. and would also prohibit overseas public finance of fossil fuels.

Not a dime of our tax dollars should go towards corporations that poison our communities and wreck our climate. It's time for our government to divest from fossil fuels and begin investing in communities and workers to enable a just transition toward a clean energy future.

Please consider co-sponsoring the End Polluter Welfare Act to put a stop to corporate handouts to fossil fuel polluters.

Thank you.

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    Introduced by Rep. Ilhan Omar and Sen. Bernie Sanders, together with Sen. Merkley, Sen. Markey, and Rep. Barragan, the End Polluter Welfare Act (EPWA) takes direct aim at the fossil fuel subsidies that prop up the industry.

    The End Polluter Welfare Act identifies and closes dozens of corporate tax loopholes that fossil fuel companies have exploited for decades, and aims to prohibit subsidies from going to the fossil fuel industry in the future. In all, it would cut over $150 billion in fossil fuel subsidies over the next decade.

    Join us and urge your elected members in Congress to co-sponsor and support the End Polluter Welfare Act.