Our #ClimateVoices2016 New Hampshire Story

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Presidential hopefuls: Develop a science-based climate plan to cut global warming emissions in accordance with the internationally recognized target of limiting warming to 2 degrees Celsius.
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    With Super Tuesday and the Florida primary right around the corner — now is our best chance to expose the disgraceful denial of climate change by presidential hopefuls like Senator Marco Rubio. 

    Last month, we helped four brave Floridians facing displacement by rising seas confront Rubio and other GOP candidates face-to-face in New Hampshire. Now, with all eyes on the upcoming primaries, we can keep Rubio and his challengers from ignoring the undeniable experiences of #ClimateVoices2016 by sharing their inspiring stories. 

    WATCH Rubio's indifferent response to his own constituents in New Hampshire, then share the video to help keep the spotlight on their inspiring stories in the lead up to the Florida primary.