Tell Governors: Stop Touting Gas as a ‘Bridge Fuel’ and Reject All New Gas Infrastructure

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Your letter will be delivered to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam:

The IPCC’s Special Report on 1.5˚C has made it clearer than ever that the world must change course. The fossil fuel era is over, and we must make urgent strides to clean energy. That’s why it’s crucial that we end the myth of gas as a ‘bridge fuel’ to a safe future.

A new report from Oil Change International shows that gas is not clean, cheap or necessary, thoroughly debunking the ‘bridge fuel’ myth once and for all. The report makes clear that continuing to build gas infrastructure will lock in greenhouse gas emissions and overshoot carbon budgets. Wind and solar are now cheaper than gas and the additional technologies needed for a full transition to clean energy are within our reach. It requires concerted action from climate leaders to manage the transition away from fossil fuels and implement policies that support full decarbonization.

I stand with communities impacted by climate change, oil and gas extraction, and the pipelines and infrastructure that support it. I implore you to stop touting gas as a ‘bridge fuel,’ start promoting real clean energy solutions, and reject all new gas infrastructure in your state.

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    We’ve just released a brand-new report debunking the false myth of gas as a ‘bridge fuel.’ As the global climate crisis intensifies, it’s clearer than ever that gas is NOT a climate solution.

    Yet the governors of New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia have all recently used the false ‘bridge fuel’ line as cover to continue supporting deadly gas infrastructure. And Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey is under extreme pressure from the gas industry to approve new gas pipelines and power plants, despite his commitment to a statewide clean energy plan.

    Officials in these states have a chance to stand up to the deadly ‘bridge fuel’ myth and make a clear statement that new gas infrastructure has no place in our energy mix – it’s a bridge to climate disaster.

    We need our leaders to stop promoting myths and push for real solutions to climate catastrophe. Let’s stop the dangerous myth of gas as a ‘bridge fuel,’ once and for all. Send a clear message to the governors of NJ, NY, NC, PA, and VA that real climate leadership means saying "no" to dirty gas.

    You can read our new report, Burning the Gas 'Bridge Fuel' Myth, for more on why the U.S. needs to reject all new gas infrastructure.