Tell Prime Minister Abe: Stop All Coal Finance

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Prime Minister Abe,

You have called on the world to “join Japan and act now to save our plant” and signaled your desire to lead on climate action. Now is your chance to show this leadership by ending all financing and support for coal-fired power plants.

Today, Japan is planning to build more coal-fired power stations than any other developed nation and is one of the world’s largest providers of public finance for coal power overseas.

You have signed the Paris Climate Agreement. If we are to stay well below two degrees, there is no place for new coal.

We are calling on you to demonstrate true leadership: Stop building new coal plants in Japan, end Japan’s public finance for coal overseas, commit to a rapid coal phase out, and support a just transition towards a renewable energy future.

As you have rightly said, the fate of the planet is at stake.

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    The Japanese government likes to call itself a climate leader, but it continues to spend billions of dollars financing coal power plants, locking in new greenhouse gas emissions for decades to come. Just this past April, the Japanese government approved a $1.2 billion loan for the Van Phong 1 Coal Project in Vietnam.  

    All eyes will be on Japan as it hosts the G20 next week – and we’re gearing up to make sure Prime Minister Abe feels the heat. If we can mobilize pressure on the Japanese government while it’s in the global spotlight, we can push the government to end its coal support.

    We’re working directly with the ‘No Coal Japan’ campaign and Japanese groups who will be delivering your message to Prime Minister Abe just as the G20 is kicking off. We’re expecting a lot of media attention, but only if we can get enough petition signatures.

    Ending Japan’s coal finance is a lynchpin in ending coal finance more broadly. Japan, Korea, and China are among the last major public financiers of overseas coal power. If Japan ends its coal finance, the others will be under tremendous pressure to follow suit.

    Getting Japan out of coal is critical in our fight to protect our communities and our climate.