Tell World Leaders: Keep your promises and #StopFundingFossils

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When Canada, Germany, Italy, and the United States all committed at COP26 to end international public finance for fossil fuels by the end of 2022, it was celebrated as a major victory and a key step towards keeping the 1.5°C warming limit within reach. 

The world is watching. Canada needs to release its policy to deliver on its stop funding fossils pledge and it needs to be ambitious. Canada has a responsibility to at least match the policies of the UK, France, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Germany has an important chance to play catch up. On 3 November it will chair the Export Finance for Future (E3F) Summit — will the government use this platform to release a gold standard policy or will it continue to lag behind?

Italy has a choice, will it choose to be a leader and help tip the balance in favor of public finance flowing to clean energy? Or fuel climate breakdown, energy insecurity, and war?

While the UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Finland have published their policies, the Biden Administration is risking undermining international progress on this issue by refusing to publish its own guidance.

By releasing the most ambitious policy possible, with no loopholes for gas or LNG, these countries can show true leadership and build momentum in the run-up to COP27.

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    One year ago, at the global climate conference in Glasgow, 34 countries and five financial institutions signed a pledge to end new international public finance for fossil fuels by the end of 2022 and fully prioritize finance for clean energy. This was a historic move — the first of its kind to focus on ending fossil fuel finance for oil and gas, in addition to coal.

    However, the United States, Germany, Italy, and Canada are not on track to keep their promise and could break their promises in a range of ways, by either filling their policies full of gas loopholes, or not publishing a policy at all.

    With less than one month until the COP27 climate summit, time is critical as countries are reviewing their policies and making final decisions on their fossil fuel finance policies.

    Sign this petition to pressure these world leaders: Keep Your Promises and Stop Funding Fossils!