Tell World Leaders: Join the Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance and keep the world on a path to 1.5°C

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World leaders,

The climate crisis is here and fossil fuels are the cause. I call on you to join the Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance and share your plan for managing the phase out of fossil fuel production.

Joining the Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance is an important step towards a managed phase out of fossil fuel production.

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    Twelve countries and regions have come together to take the historic step of launching the Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance (BOGA). This is the first diplomatic initiative acknowledging the need for governments to manage the phase out of fossil fuel production as a key tool to address the climate crisis. 

    The Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance has the potential to help reframe the global climate conversation to ensure that the need to phase out oil and gas can no longer be ignored. And the countries that join the alliance, most notably, have to  adopt measures to end new oil and gas exploration and extraction.

    The twelve countries and regions that launched this initiative include Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Ireland, Québec, Greenland, Sweden and Wales joining as full members, and California, New Zealand and Portugal joining as associate members.

    Many key countries are still missing, but this is a massive step forward in the climate fight. Join the petition calling on more governments to join.