Tell Samsung: Don't Make the Wrong Call on Coal

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I'm writing to urge you to end your involvement in the Vung Ang 2 Coal Power Plant.

Vung Ang 2 would further endanger the same community dealing with the toxic chemical spill from the Formosa Steel Mill, which is an unacceptable risk. It does not meet internationally accepted standards for evaluating potential environmental impacts.

Samsung needs to end its involvement in Vung Ang 2 immediately. Continuing to back the project would exacerbate the climate crisis and saddle local communities with further air and water pollution.

Samsung, don’t make the wrong call on coal! Reject support of all coal projects, including Vung Ang 2 in Vietnam.
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    Samsung isn’t just a technology company. They have branches that deal in a wide variety of sectors, including Samsung Construction and Trading – the arm currently considering building the Vung Ang 2 coal plant in Central Vietnam.

    This week a global coalition led by youth from South Korea, Japan, and 30 other countries is calling on Samsung to reject involvement in Vung Ang 2. This dirty coal project would lock in decades of new carbon emissions that we cannot afford.

    Samsung’s decision to build this project is critical. Four companies have exited the project, including British bank Standard Chartered. A hastily cobbled together group of Korean companies is poised to step in. But Samsung is the weak link right now as 11 Samsung executives were just put on trial for stock price manipulation.

    Samsung can’t even defend their involvement from a financial position – it is already cheaper in Vietnam to invest in new solar arrays than new coal, and new onshore wind generated power is expected to become cheaper than coal power in the next year. 

    If we can pressure Samsung to reject Vung Ang 2, this will likely force other Korean companies to do the same. With your help, we can end this project once and for all. 

    Tell Samsung: don’t make the wrong call on coal!