Tell Congress: Stop 45Q & Stop Funding Fossils

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Dear Senator,

Communities across the country are just beginning to recover from disasters made worse by climate change. This is no time to subsidize even more climate-polluting fossil fuel production.

I urge you to keep Section 45Q - and all taxpayer handouts to Big Oil - out of any spending bill. Any way you slice it, these wasteful subsidies are simply too expensive. For the sake of our health, our climate, and our wallets, stop the expansion of 45Q.

Thank you.

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    There's a massive fossil fuel subsidy being discussed behind closed doors, but there's still time to stop it. It's called 45Q.

    We’ve done the math. Expanding the Section 45Q tax credit to coal- and gas-fired power plants (and industrial facilities) to capture and bury their climate pollution and sell it to oil companies to extract more crude is a bad idea.

    Email your Senators and U.S. Representative now, and urge them not to include 45Q in any spending bill.

    This subsidy would increase oil production in the U.S., increase climate pollution, and cost taxpayers buckets of money. It could be the single biggest government handout to the fossil fuel industry - and that’s before you look at the costs borne by families who live next to polluting infrastructure and operations that would benefit from this government giveaway.

    Tell Congress to stop 45Q – the costs to American taxpayers, the climate, and communities living near coal and gas plants, CO2 pipelines, oil fields, and refineries is far too high.