Tell Boris Johnson and the UK Government to stop the Cambo oil field

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Dear Boris Johnson,

We are calling on you and your government to stop development of the Cambo oil field to the west of the Shetland Islands.

The climate impacts of this project would be devastating. Oil giant Shell and Siccar Point Energy want to start by drilling for 150 million barrels of oil, which would result in the equivalent annual pollution from 16 polluting coal-fired power stations. We can’t allow Boris Johnson to approve this development just before the UN climate talks in Glasgow.

But that’s just the beginning. This field contains 800 million barrels and Shell and Siccar Point want to keep on drilling until 2050 - well beyond when the UK must stop burning fossil fuels.

We call on the UK government to block Cambo and all new fossil fuel developments. It’s time to end your support for drilling every last drop of oil and gas and commit instead to a rapid and fair energy transition.


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    Oil giant Shell and Siccar Point Energy are seeking permission from the UK Government to open a huge new oil field, called the Cambo field, in the sea west of Shetland.

    The climate impacts of opening this new oil field would be devastating. In the first phase alone, developers want to extract 150 million barrels of oil; the emissions from which are equivalent to running a coal power station for 16 years. Additionally, the field is expected to operate until 2050, the point by which the UK government has committed to reaching net zero emissions.

    In just a few months, the eyes of the world will turn to the UK as the hosts of the UN climate talks in Glasgow. Approving the Cambo field will send a clear message that this government is not serious about climate action and not willing to do its part to phase out support for oil and gas.

    With the right policy support, the UK could create three jobs in clean energy for every oil & gas job at risk. We need a clear, credible plan to wind down production and deliver a just transition that is driven by oil and gas workers, their unions and affected communities.

    This must start with saying no to Cambo.