Tell Key Congressional Democrats: Reject Manchin's Dirty Side Deal

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I'm writing in response to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's commitment to Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia to attempt to pass a separate piece of so-called ‘permitting reform’ legislation later this month. In reality, ‘permitting reform’ is code for a wishlist of Big Oil’s top priorities, and if passed, the bill would:

  • Greenlight the fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) by exempting it from necessary permits;
  • Gut the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other bedrock environmental laws, and;
  • Remove safeguards that have protected environmental justice communities for decades.
I'm asking you to vocally oppose this dirty side deal and pressure Senator Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stop this brazen giveaway to the fossil fuel industry. Thank you.
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    As part of the deal to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin are trying to introduce a separate piece of legislation that would fast-track permit approvals for dangerous fossil fuel projects by the end of this month.

    But thanks to growing opposition over the past several weeks from supporters like you — this dirty deal is far from assured. We need to increase the pressure on Schumer, Pelosi, and other key Democrats in Congress.

    While the IRA massively expands federal subsidies for ‘carbon capture and storage’ (CCS) and legally mandates the selling-off of millions of federal lands and waters for fossil fuel production, this secondary permitting reform legislation promised to Senator Joe Manchin would result in the construction of dozens of new fossil fuel infrastructure projects in communities across the U.S. 

    These fossil fuel giveaways will be particularly destructive to Indigenous and Alaska Native communities, BIPOC communities in the Gulf South, coastal communities and communities near federal lands.

    Tell Congress to reject Manchin's dirty side deal and protect environmental justice communities.