Tell Gov. Northam: Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines must be stopped

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The Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines must be stopped for good.

It is now time to stop this in its tracks. I urge you to order the DEQ to withdraw the 401 permits and issue stop work orders on both pipelines immediately. The DEQ should have conducted stream by stream analysis, something Gov. Northam said he would implement while on the campaign trail. It is time now to stop the destruction and forge a genuine path to the clean energy future we so urgently need.
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    On Friday, August 10, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a stop work order for the Atlantic Coast pipeline following a US 4th Circuit Court decision that repealed key permits from federal agencies. Just the week before, FERC was forced to do the same for the Mountain Valley pipeline. Construction work should now have stopped along both projects.

    This is great news and gives some breathing room to the many tireless and determined activists and communities impacted by these two disastrous pipelines. But neither FERC, nor any of the federal or state agencies involved in permitting these unneeded pipelines, has shown any sign that they’re willing to stand up to the greedy corporations behind the projects and shut them down for good.

    We need to change that. Send a letter to Gov. Northam and the State Water Control Board here to demand that they revoke the 401 permits for both pipelines and immediately issue stop work orders

    As the evidence of destruction mounts up, it is clear this has to stop. 

    Photo Credit: Anne Way Bernard