Tell Speaker Paul Ryan: Don't Send Us Backwards on Climate Action

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We are in the midst of a climate crisis! Stop the denial, disinformation, and obstructionism that will send our country backwards on climate action.
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    We’re seeing the GOP agenda laid bare, and it isn’t pretty. On June 14, climate change denier Paul Ryan laid out a broad GOP proposal to roll back, weaken, and undermine federal regulations put in place by the Obama administration.

    Ryan's 57-page document includes a slew of dangerous proposals that would send the nation backwards on many issues, including climate action. The agenda would repeal “all climate-change regulations under the Clean Air Act,” slash regulations on the coal industry, open up more federal lands to energy exploration, and increase offshore drilling.

    The proposal represents the Regulatory portion of a six-part agenda being rolled out by House Republicans, ironically titled “A Better Way.” Tell Speaker Paul Ryan that the world is in the midst of a climate crisis. We need to move forward with bold action on climate, not backward!